Uglies (Uglies Quartet)

Uglies (Uglies #1) - Scott Westerfeld All time favourite book, it has took me a whole year to write a review for this book. so it will lack on some information.First of all this book is about people who aer know as uglies until they turn 16 when they have an operation to make them pretty, but not all is what it seems.A girl called Tally has always wanted to become a pretty and can not wait until her 16th birthday, when she will become one of the pretties, but she meats a girl called Shay when she sneaks into New Pretty Town to see her best friend who is a pretty, after that she nearly gets caught so Shay helps her get back into uglyville, where she finds out that Shay's birthday is on the same day as hers, but Shay does not want to become a pretty she wants to go to a place called the smoke a stay ugly forever.Tally wants nothing to do with the smoke , but Special circumstances gets involved and tells Tally she has to go to smoke and alert them to the place called the smoke or she will never become pretty. She goes into the smoke , but starts to enjoy it, but she does something witch alerts them to the place of the Smoke.Allot of things then revolve and it is all because of Tally alerting them to the smoke, she gets close to a guy called David, and she does not want to become pretty no more.That's all i can say without giving it away!!TaraRating: *****