My Soul to Take (Soul Screamers Series #1)

My Soul to Take - Rachel Vincent Finally i am reviewing it!!Kaylee is just a normal teenage girl who sneaks out at night and has fun, but there is a past about her which you will learn to know.When she sneaks out to a nightclub she has a great time but then she sees the hottest and most popular guy and he speaks to her.They dance for a while but then she feels something and she knows what is about to happen she searches the room and sees what is causing it, she gets helped outside by her best friend and Nash. Nash calms her down so she is able to talk and say what she saw, but after that it doesn't get any better.Teenage girls start dieing and one every day, she knows it is connected to her and Kaylee and Nash finds out stuff which brings families together and help with the problem.Kaylee's character is brave,trustworthy and an amazing character and she develops through all of it.Nash's character is lovable, trustworthy and also brave and in my opinion HOT.Kaylee and Nash starts to develop something but is it just because he knows what she is.This book is one of my favourites and if i could give it higher than 5 stars i would.TaraRating: *****