The Autumn Palace (Ondine)

The Autumn Palace - Ebony McKenna First of all , i want to thank Ebony McKenna for writing another amazing book!From the first book, Hamish got given a job to spy for the Duke, and Ondine doesn't like it, so she goes with him to the Dukes palace, and starts a job and goes to school.Ondine thinks Hamish is spending to much time working then being with her, and Hamish is actually enjoying working for the duke.They have to find out who is trying to kill the duke, and its hard because there is 3 suspects, The Duchess, The Dukes sister and Lord Vincent. So Aunt Col, Ondine and Hamish has to be spy's and try and figure out who is behind it.When Hamish is being Shambles in ferret form he is quite the funny one, and brought some laughter to me, especially the Dog incident. Ondine doesn't like when he is ferret form because she just wants kisses with the hot guy Hamish.There is new Characters as well as the same old ones, and one of them is the Infanta, Anathea who is the Dukes sister, at first i hated her, because she was bossy and childish when it come to the part she complained they started without her. She got on my nerves but then she started to change and done things for herself and it wasn't until the end where i loved her.There isn't much to say apart from READ IT! and please do it in a private place and not in public because you may get looked at funny when you burst out laughing on a bus or something. Please for Ebony, read this book!!