Heart of the Dragon (Atlantis, #1)

Heart of the Dragon (Atlantis, #1) - Gena Showalter This book gave me a surprise , seen as i am only 16 and well, there is scenes which contains sex. (not my cup of tea).I'm just going to forget about the sex moments for now, and focus on the storyline.Grace Carlyle is just a normal woman who never thought she would end up nearly killed by a man which can take a form of a dragon and then held captive. She always wanted an adventure but she never thought she would get one like this.Her brother loves to find certain stuff and recently discovered a medallion, but then sent it to Grace in hope she would keep it safe, but then her brother is held captive by humans and Vampires, who just want power or money.Darius en Kragin never thought he would go to kill a human then stop, and actually not go through with it, he has been trained to kill any human being which passes through a mist which leads to Atlantis, where mythological monsters live. When a women walked through it by mistake he had a chance to kill her but he changed her mind, and from then things start to develop.This books was brilliant but 1/4 of it in my opinion was Sex, which is not my kind of read, but if you take that away you have one amazing storyline.There is other books in the Atlantis series but each one is a different storyline and new characters but is set in the same scene hence the title of the series Atlantis!!TaraRating: ****