Inside Out

Inside Out  - Maria V. Snyder This book, was recommended by my sister Leanne, and i am so glad she let me read it, (even though i have read most of her books which she has bought).This book is about in away lower and upper classes like us, people who are poor and people who are rich, but this is about 4 levels , the bottom 2 levels being where the scrubs live, where they do labour work and have hardly any time for themselves, and the 2 upper levels being where they have there own families and have more time to do what they want to do. But throughout the book there is some things similar to each other.A girl called Trella is a scrub and she keeps to herself like everyone else, and tries to not get noticed by the pop cops. She has a friend called Cogon, which she has been living with since the start and spending time with each other. She sometimes sneaks to the upper levels (you are not meant to) but this only risks her own life but soo she starts up a rebellion and risks other peoples life's, this is all because of a prophet who asked her to find some information on the location of a gateway to the outside.Trella at one point lands into a room and meets an upper, similar in age, Riley, they grow to trust each other and you can see that they will grow to be more than just friends on the first time they meet, Riley plays a part in it all as well. Other characters also play main parts , Cogon, The two Tech-No's Logan and Jade- Anne, Sheepy (sorry but i had to put this down, the sheep was amazing), the Prophet, of course Trella and many more.Trella is shown as a brave and loyal person and in my case the heroine of the book. The ending was a surprise and i am so glad that there is another book called outside in, i hope the characters Riley and Trella develop more and get to each other more in it.TaraRating: *****